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3/01/17 - LDAR Certified Ball Valves


LDAR Certified Products Ball Valves

Swagelok's Four Certified Ball Valves

Ethan Liebswager
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LDAR certified products require they do not leak above 100 parts per million (ppm) for 5 years. The component can also be tested pursuant to generally-accepted good engineering practices and found to be leaking at no greater than 100 ppm.

Swagelok has certified four series of ball valves that meet these requirements.

60 Series Ball Valve

The Swagelok 60 Series Ball Valve was designed to eliminate leakage in three areas:
  • Stem packing: live-loaded, 2-piece chevron style stem packing system, ensuring a tight seal against the body and the stem
  • Spring-loaded seat: consists of a coned disc spring, seat material and support ring to keep the seal and the ball in contact during low and high pressure applications
  • Flange seal: O-ring seal between the center body and the end connection flanges. Once the fasteners are torqued, there is no need to re-tighten

40 & 40G Series Ball Valve

These ball valves have a top-loaded design allowing for adjustments to be made while the valve is in-line. The seat packing has virtually no dead space and does not require system pressure to make a seal. Both series of valves accommodate a wide range of flow path and actuator options.

The 40G series was modified to include an innovative assembly process resulting in an expanded operating temperature rating, improved thermal cycling capabilities and reduced potential for leaks.

83 Series Ball Valve

The 83 Series Ball Valve has a bottom-loaded stem that helps to prevent stem blowout and enhances system safety. The spring-loaded seats provide leak-tight integrity in both low- and high-pressure systems. This valve accommodates both pneumatic and electric actuators.

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