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7/01/17 - 60 Series Eliminate Leaks


60 Series Ball Valve

Designed to eliminate leaks

Jim Jacka
Jim Jacka
952-361-3550 - email

The Swagelok® 60 Series Ball Valve is different from any valve you have seen. It was designed to eliminate leakage in three areas:

60 Series

Stem Packing

Swagelok uses a live loaded, 2-piece chevron style stem packing system. As force is exerted downward on the packing, it pushes the upper packing out against the body and the lower packing tight against the stem. This action compensates for stem wear and requires less torque to actuate. 

Spring Loaded Seat

Swagelok uses a compensating seat design that consists of three parts:

  • Coned Disc Spring
  • Seat Material
  • Support Ring

These parts work together to keep the seal and the ball in contact during low and high pressure applications.

Flange Seal

Unlike other ball valves, Swagelok 60 Series Valve has an O-ring seal between the center body and the end connection flanges. Once the fasteners are torqued, there is no need to re-tighten.


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