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08/02/17 - API Plan 32


API Plan 32 Rotary Pump Seal - Pulp & Paper

API Plan 32 rotary pump seal flushing panel using facilities water

Jim Jacka
Jim Jacka
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Spending labor hours on the right work orders 





Before New 

Process Fluids and Solids 

The pump seal chamber is prone to gathering process fluids and solids.  This can cause pump damage, overheating, and inefficient use of facility water.  

A Panel for a Problem

The API 32 Rotary Pump Seal enables efficient seal flushing.  It also conserves water - thus lowering energy cost of operations through decreased usage of open loop effluent treatment.  

A Smaller Footprint

Swagelok Custom Solutions provided a smaller dimensional footprint for in-house maintenance, lowering labor man-hours and assuring system reliability. Unique VCO connections allow for flow-meter ease of maintenance. This plug and play panel required a dramatic decrease in labor hours for installation. 

A Customer's Innovation

The flushing concept is nothing new, but in this case our customer knew the time savings to get Swagelok involved was a wise investment.  The customer also saw the innovation of the panel wrap as a major upgrade to cleanliness and operator safety. 

The Product

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