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08/08/17 - Medium & High Pressure


Pressure Testing at 30,000 psig!

Reduce Cost and Leak Points - Medium & High Pressure Systems

AJ Weisenburger
952-361-3550 - Email

A recent customer success:  

In medium and high pressure systems, tube bending is often overlooked.   Most customers don't have the special tools and ability to cone & thread - let alone bend heavy wall tubing.  In cases where our customer needs to get high pressures, the tradition has been to cone & thread tubing for elbows and unions. At high pressures, those elbows can get HUGE.  All that extra material makes those components costly - all while adding two potential leak points.  

In our customer success story,  the customer has had years of experience with our Swagelok Custom Solutions shop.  What they didn't realize was that Swagelok Custom Solutions can measure the route, bend, cut, and cone/thread the tubing, eliminating the need for 90° unions.  

Here are a few tips for you:  

  • Bending heavy wall tubing requires a bench-top-bender, which means a larger bend radius.  Keep that in mind when you're designing your system.
  • It is sometimes assumed that pressures above typical require high pressure products.  Don't forget that medium pressure is a reality too.  This can help avoid some of those large material hogs which drive cost up.
  • Most of our customers are aware of the dangers of potential energy in high pressure systems.  If you want to reduce your risk, consider having Swagelok do the work.  We have certifications for this type of work and the assembly is covered by our limited lifetime warranty.
  • Cone & Threading seems simple on paper, but most people who do it admit it's a pain.  If you would prefer to do the assembly yourselves you may want to consider buying pre-threaded tubing.  Just let our team know and we will quote it up for you
  • Special jump sizes and configurations can lead to long lead times.  It's always best to get someone from our service team to help with your design on the front end.  We can usually see supply chain issues early in the process. 

Here are some medium pressure product catalogs and test reports you might find helpful

IPT valves | IPT fittings |  Tubing Data Guide

Cone and Thread Users Manual

Hydrostatic Pressure Test of 1-1/2 Inch 316 Stainless Steel Swagelok IPT Series 

Nitrogen Gas Seal Test with Repeated Reassembly of 1-1/2 Inch 316 SS Swagelok IPT Series