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08/22/17 - Intermix Interchange


Intermix and Interchange

Swagelok's Four Certified Ball Valves

Kayla Dammann
952-361-3550 - Email

The Claim


A tube fitting manufactured by one company that has been installed on a piece of tubing is then disassembled, and the tubing, nut and ferrules from that installed fitting is reassembled into the body of another manufacturer.


Tube fitting components, which include the nuts, ferrules, and bodies, from two or more fitting manufacturers that are mixed together and then assembled to make a complete fitting.

The Claim

Over the years, we've become aware of many manufacturers with products which claim to be interchangeable and intermixable with the Swagelok Tube Fitting.

We do not believe that any manufacturer can reliably, repeatedly, and uniformly replicate the products of another manufacturer.  For this reason, we believe that interchanging and intermixing component parts made by different manufacturers can result in unpredictable performance and increased costs.  We believe also that this is an unsound practice and can be dangerous in critical applications.

The Fact

There is no industry wide design standard, no validation testing and no no accountability when intermixing or interchanging manufacturers.  That is why the practice voids the Swagelok Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Our Customers Choose

Our customers have spoken with their purchasing habits.  Quality and Availability are the critical factors.  We have even seen customers empty bins of mixed manufacturers into the garbage can - it's not worth the risk of a leak.