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Swagelok Minnesota | North Dakota | Appleton

Your Authorized Swagelok Sales and Service Center

Swagelok Tube Fitting Advantage

Better By Design

Swagelok developed the original two-ferrule tube fitting in 1947, and with 200 active patents worldwide, we continue to improve our proprietary design for use in thousands of diverse applications.


We out perform in three key areas;

Tube Grip | Gas Seal | Vibration Resistance

Swagelok tube fittings have a grip-type design that uses a unique “hinging and colleting” action to achieve optimal performance in three key areas:

  • Tube grip—hinging colleting action provides more direct tube contact/gripping support
  • Gas seal—burnishing/polishing action of the front ferrule creates concentrated zones of contact on the tube and on the body bevel for a stronger seal
  • Vibration resistance—the colleting region better isolates stress risers at the tube grip to resist bending, deflection, and vibration


"This is one of the most significant breakthroughs in material science in many decades, as well as one with many extraordinary technical implications.” - ARTHUR HEUER, PHD, KYOCERA PROFESSOR OF MATERIALS, CASE WESTERN RESERVE UNIVERSITY

SAT12 is Swagelok’s unique low-temperature carburization process.

  • Diffusing carbon atoms between metal atoms without forming carbides
  • In use for nearly two decades

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A Material Difference

From melt to machining, we never compromise on quality. Swagelok fittings maintain a minimum

17% Chromium

12% Nickel

A Material Difference

Starting with a higher stock

We place multiple controls on procurement of 316 stainless steel from our approved mills, from its elevated alloy chemistry to the inspection steps used to validate it.

This material is unique to Swagelok - it cannot be purchased by anyone else. 

Manufacturing a wide range of Alloys with enhanced chemical & corrosion resistance.  Including Hastelloy, Monel, & many more. 

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Excellence in Manufacturing

Others can try to copy our methods, but can’t replicate our skilled operators, strict process control, and complete traceability.



Swagelok owns the manufacturing process from start to finish:

  • We forge, machine, electropolish, weld, assemble,and test—all in our own facilities
  • We use optimized top-of-line tools and machining methods across 20 production facilities
  • Our robust Reliability Excellence program keeps equipment running at optimal efficiency
  • Traceability at all phases is an integral part of our overall quality system
  • Our Limited Lifetime Warranty is a promise as strong as our products


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Services Tailored to You

Swagelok is more than a component provider.

Custom Solutions

Increase revenue | decrease costs | improve safety

It’s true we’re known for tube fittings—it’s also true Swagelok is known for:

  • Safety above all
  • Unrivaled training and education
  • Custom solutions (fabrication and assembly)
  • Deep technical know-how
  • Valuable plant services
  • Global project support


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A Stronger Supply Chain

We make your world smaller. 


Supporting your success - wherever it takes you.  

Our business model puts local inventory close to you:

  • Our distribution network operates in 70 countries | 225 Sales and Service Centers | 20 manufacturing facilities | 5 global tech centers
  • 7,800 associates worldwide.  Factory support, field engineering, technical services, coordinated deliveries, inventory replenishment, and a range of special expertise
  • With our inventory and availability, you are never far from the products you need, when you need them

We are one interconnected global team.

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Unmatched Associates

Our culture sets us apart

Our Values

Your in the right hands.

A spirit of collaboration is embedded in our organization. It is woven throughout departments and distributorships, committees, and teams.

  • 1,800+ manufacturing associates call Swagelok home
  • Nearly 200 have 20+ years with the company
  • The average tenure is 12 years
  • Culture focused on leading customers to a better future

Highest standards of integrity and ethical behavior. Our constant mission is to respect others and to create new ways to work better.

Elevated Skills, Exceptional Results

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