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Swagelok Minnesota | North Dakota | Appleton

Your Authorized Swagelok Sales and Service Center

Take Fluid System Assemblies Off Your To-Do List

From simple sub-assemblies to complex fabrications, discover how we meet your unique fluid system design specifications. 

Swagelok Custom Solutions

Achieving Peak Uptime Starts at the Gas Bottle

Find out how we can help you minimize downtime by finding overlooked gas distribution issues or building you more reliable systems. 


Configurable, Locally Built and Reliable Grab Sample Panels

Count on us to provide a reliable system that ensures safe,
efficient sample capture.


Our Mechanical Seal Support Systems are Better by Design

Let us design a seal support system that can help minimize downtime, reduce the probability of leaks and simplify maintenance.


When resources are limited, take advantage of Swagelok's capabilities for a complete turnkey solution. You need a solution uniquely tailored to your needs, and you need it now. You could spend your resources on designing, sourcing, building and testing a solution. Or you could take advantage of Swagelok’s expertise as an integrated supplier of more than just products. We provide local support, backed by a global presence, from initial concept to assembly. With Swagelok® Custom Solutions, we can provide an extra set of hands by fabricating your fluid system assemblies for you. We also offer a series of predesigned and preassembled analytical instrumentation subsystems for use in all types of plants and facilities where fluids are being processed.

Custom Solutions

Swagelok Custom Solutions - Design

Whether your idea is just that - an idea, or a sketch on a napkin, or even the result of a conversation - we can enhance it with 3D drawings compatible with your engineering drawing system. Our design process includes: concept drawing, 3D CAD modeling, technical document review and quoting.


Swagelok Custom Solutions - Assembly

You know what you want to do - now you need to know how to do it quickly. Let Swagelok provide and assemble components to meet your exact requirements: High-volume tube bending and swaging, orbital welding, custom hose cutting and end connection selection.

Fabrication Assembly

Swagelok Custom Solutions - Fabrication

Start with some of our most widely known products: valves, regulators and manifolds. Add the expertise required to put together the components into a solution you can use. The results? Custom component, assembly and enclosure fabrication.

Swagelok gas distribution program

Gas Distribution Systems

We evaluate existing gas distribution systems and build standardized, configurable gas delivery systems to help protect system operators, increase process uptime, and improve process accuracy and repeatability.

Swagelok Grab Sampling System

Grab Sample Systems

Customizing Swagelok grab sampling systems allows for safe, efficient sample capture while meeting your specific plant application needs. The panels are available in a variety of configurations and advanced features.

Mechanical Seal Support

Mechanical Seal Support Systems

Our seal support systems are guided by API 682 and offered as kits and assemblies. These systems reliably supply either gas or liquid to the mechanical seal to regulate the environment in which the seal operates, increasing longevity.